Which Hijab Conditioner Should I Choose? Rejoice

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Having a healthy hair is everybody’s dream, including women wearing hijab. However, wearing hijab for too long could trigger several hair problems. Not just making your hair smell bad, but also losing its moisture from the heat. Did you know that temperate is 7 degrees hotter under the hijab?

As a result, either the hair becomes too oily and tangled. A conditioner is needed not only to provide light weight moisture but also restore hair health.

Benefits of Conditioner
Often underestimated, conditioner actually has very good benefits for your hair. Generally, the benefits of conditioner are:

  • Moisturizes dry hair after shampooing.
  • Fixing hair cuticle layer.
  • Protecting hair from ultra violet light.
  • Maintain hair elasticity.
  • Makes hair fluffy perfectly.
  • Maintain hair’s natural shine.

Rejoice Conditioner for Hijab Series
To restore your healthy hair, Rejoice presents a series of conditioner for hijab wearers, namely Rejoice Hijab 3in1 Perfect Conditioning Conditioner and Rejoice 3in1 Anti Dandruff Conditioning.

Rejoice Hijab 3in1 Perfect Conditioning Conditioner is a conditioner formulated specially for hijab wearers. The moisturizer in it effectively restores hair moisture without weighing hair down or making it feel greasy. Rejoice Hijab 3in1 Perfect Conditioning Conditioner contains menthol that will give a cooling sensation on scalp. With the charming aroma of Kasturi flowers, you hair will stay fragrant while wearing hijab.

Rejoice 3in1 Anti Dandruff Conditioning comes as a solution for those who have problems with dry and rough hair with dandruff. It is effective in getting rid of visible dandruff and maintaining hair’s natural moisture. With a refreshing menthol aroma, your hair will maintain its fragrance throughout the day. The cooling sensation of menthol can help you to treat itching on scalp due to dandruff.

How to Use

  • After shampooing, pour conditioner onto your palm.
  • Apply conditioner to each hair strand. Starting from the shaft to the tip of your hair.
  • Let it still for a few minutes so the content can be absorbed perfectly, and then rinse with clean water.

Use Rejoice Hijab Perfection shampoo series for maximum result. Regular use will help you treat dry hair and nourish hair to the roots. Hair will maintain its moisture, feel smoother and odor-free even under the Hijab.