tips for fine,tangle free hair

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Tired of the “lion mane” hair? “Lion mane” or frizzy hair is a common problem faced by women. It’s when the cuticle of your hair is raised, damaged, and losing moisture in the process. As a result, hair looks dry, puffed and hard to tame. Here are some trivia on what causes frizzy hair and tips on how you can manage it:

Causes of Frizzy Hair

1. Using very hot water You know how it’s recommended to use hot water to wash off oil stains? To an extent, the same applies to hair too. Washing hair with hot water depletes oil, makes it dry and frizzy.

2. Drying hair with towel too hard Often, we use rub our hair and scalp too harsh when towel-drying which could lead to frizz.

3. Using hair styling tools We love hair styling tools for our hair. However, too much using of these, especially the ones with high heat, can rob our hair of moisture that eventually leads to frizz.

4. Combing hair too much Combing hair removes the tangles and keeps hair tidy but combing too much and too vigorously could cause damage leading to frizz like a lion!

5. Wrong products for hair The right product for your specific hair type will make all the difference. It’s important to choose products that addresses the benefits you are looking for.

Tips to Tame Frizzy Hair

1. Use cold water when shampooing As much as possible, cold water is a better choice for washing hair. By using cold water, we can keep natural moisture of our hair. If the weather is too cold for your comfort, try to at least shower with lukewarm or warm water but not too hot.

2. Lightly dab hair when towel drying To dry your hair using towel, you can dab the towel gently on to your hair and scalp.

3. Blow dry with low temperature If using blow-dryer, remove excess water from hair before using hair dryer. Then instead of using high heat hair dryer, try to use low temperature blow dryer.

4. Choose the right hair care product Choosing hair care products can be quite tricky. To get rid of frizzy hair, our recommendation is Rejoice Rich Soft Smooth or Rejoice Frizz Repair which are specifically formulated to provide long lasting smooth and fragrant hair.

5. Apply right conditioner daily Applying conditioner will help your hair retain its moisture, as well as tame frizzy hair. For better result, use also Rejoice Rich Soft Smooth or Rejoice Rich Frizz Repair Conditioner.

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