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As they say, hair is one’s crowning glory. During bad hair days, when we don’t feel confident about ourselves, it affects how we also present ourselves to others. Our hair becomes more than just physical appearance, but it’s a part and reflection of who we are.

That said, no matter how we start our day, even when we leave our homes with great hair day and a boost of confidence, anxiety always kicks in when our hair starts to become frizzy, dry and smelling bad in the afternoon.

What causes Dryness, Frizz and Malodor in Hair? Dry, frizzy and tangled hair is commonly a result of loss of hair’s natural moisture. The causes may vary; from lack of hair care, combing too frequently, using hot water while shampooing, changing hair color or using styling tools too often, excessive exposure to heat, humidity and using inappropriate hair care products.

While malodor hair is usually triggered by dirt that sticks to our hair and scalp, excessive sweating, or exposure to external source of unpleasant smell (ie smoke in traffic, food smell, etc).

How to keep your hair Smooth and Fragrant All Day
Here are some useful tips to smoothen your hair and keep it fragrant;

  • Wash your hair regularly, preferably with cold water.
  • Avoid too much excessive exposure to sunlight, humidity and pollution
  • Try to limit use of styling tools
  • If wearing a hat or head covering try to air hair out every now and then
  • Use shampoo and conditioner that are crafted to give smooth hair

Rejoice Collection for 48-hour long Smooth and Fragrant Hair Use Rejoice Rich Soft Smooth Shampoo and Rejoice Rich Soft Smooth Conditioner for smooth hair up to 48 hours and fragrance that lasts long!

Rejoice Rich Soft Smooth Shampoo keeps your hair tangle-free and fragrant. With improved detangling formula infused with Argan Essence that nourishes hair, keeping it effortlessly smooth and manageable up to 48 hours, along with floral notes of magnolia for a long lasting fragrance.

For better results, use also Rejoice Rich Soft Smooth Conditioner, which is known to seal cuticle layer and retain natural moisture of the hair without weighing hair down.