Hijab rambut

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Wearing hijab is a common and respected practice among Muslim women. But without proper care, it can lead to various hair problems. Wearing a hijab means less ventilation, more sweat, dampness and malodor.

Dirt and sweat on the scalp that is left closed for hours can also cause dandruff and unpleasant odors. While using hair ties that are too tight, for longer periods of time, can tangle hair. It also becomes more fragile, easy to fall and breaks. Therefore, hijab wearer requires special care to prevent and treat hair problems mentioned above.

Hair Care Tips for Women Who Wear Hijab

To prevent these common hair problems, you can follow some hijab hair care tips shared below:

  • Choose a shampoo and conditioner specifically for hijab wearers
  • Comb hair before shampooing to prevent fall out
  • Dry your hair properly after shampooing
  • Do not wear hijab when your hair is still wet
  • Let your hair loose while not wearing a hijab

Keep Your Hair Healthy When You’re Wearing Hijab

Basically, hijab hair care is not as difficult as you imagined. As long as you regularly wash your hair and let it loose for some time. For hijab hair care to be more optimal, use special hijab hair care products. One of the recommended collections is Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 Series. This shampoo for hijab wearers can help you overcome various hair problems.

Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 offers 3 goodness in one bottle; anti-dandruff, cool & fresh, and smooth. Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 comes in four variants, namely Anti Dandruff; Perfect Cool; Perfect Perfume and Perfect Conditioning.

Rejoice 3-in-1 Anti-Dandruff is perfect for one who has dandruff problem. The formula effectively reduces dandruff and makes your hair feel smoother. The refreshing fragrance can prevent your hair from unpleasant odor.

Want to feel the cool and cold sensation all day long even under the Hijab? Use Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 Perfect Cool which is formulated with extra menthol for a fresh sensation under the hijab. Plus the distinctive aroma of kasturi will make you feel more confident with long lasting fragrant hair.

Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 Perfect Perfume is enriched with the fragrance of kasturi flower and premium rose perfume. The combination of both creates a refreshing fragrance that lasts throughout the day. With this shampoo, you don't need to worry about doing activities all day under the sun.

For maximum care, you can complete it with a series of conditioner from Rejoice Hijab Series. For complete dandruff hair care, use Rejoice 3-in1 Anti-Dandruff Conditioner with a menthol extract that will give freshness and softness to your hair.

Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 Perfect Conditioning that is enriched with the fragrance of kasturi flower and freshness from menthol will give you a cooling cold sensation. This conditioner will make your hair soft and fragrant throughout the day.

Those are few tips that will help you enjoy your hijab experience without any hair problems. Try it yourself; use Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 Series regularly for a soft, clean, smooth, fragrant hijab hair experience!