Easy tips to prevent hair loss when wearing hijab

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As we know, hair that is covered under the hijab for a long time could trigger several problems such as *hair fall, dampness, oily hair, dandruff, tangled hair and malodor just to name a few. One problem that is experienced by most hijab wearers is hair fall. Even though hijab wearers regularly treat and wash their hair, hair fall problem is difficult to get rid of. If they do nothing, hair fall can get worse and affect a person’s confidence.

Causes of Hair fall in Women Wearing Hijab and How to Treat It
Hair fall is a common problem that hijab wearers often experience. The most important thing to do is finding out what causes and triggers it.

The, causes of hair fall in women wearing the hijab,include the following:

  • Not drying your hair.
  • Excessive use of hair dryer.
  • Wearing hijab when your hair is still wet.
  • Tie the hair too tight.
  • Using unsuitable hair care.

Treatment and Prevention:

  • Dry your hair completely before wearing hijab
  • If you need to tie your hair, do it loosely
  • Let your hair loose when you’re at home
  • Use hair care product specifically for hijab wearers that can treat and prevent hair fall problem.

Rejoice Hijab Hair fall Product Series

To treat hair-loss problem, a special treatment is needed to accelerate the recovery process. Rejoice Hijab Series is able to address common concerns hijab wearers face by making hair fresh, fighting dandruff and smoother to avoid hairfall due to breakage. Consisting of shampoo and conditioner, Rejoice Hijab Series offers the complete protection for your beautiful hair.

  • Rejoice Hijab 3in1 Perfect Perfume Shampoo

Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 Perfect Perfume Shampoo is formulated to overcome malodor under the Hijab. The temperature under hijab is 7 degrees hotter which may cause our hair oily and smell bad. Kasturi flower scent and rose perfume in it will protect your hair from unpleasant odor even after a whole day.

  • Rejoice Hijab 3in1 Perfect Cool Shampoo

Rejoice Hijab 3-in-1 Perfect Cool Shampoo will strengthen hair roots, prevent dandruff, soften and smoothen. The added menthol and kasturi flower contained in the shampoo will keep your hair and scalp feel fresh and fragrant all day long.

  • Rejoice Hijab 3in1 Perfect Conditioning Conditioner

Rejoice Hijab 3in1 Perfect Conditioning Conditioner will treat your beautiful hair from the inside. It will provide and restore natural moisture of your hair that is lost when you’re wearing hijab, without making it feel greasy. With a refreshing menthol fragrance, your scalp will feel cooler and free from dandruff. The soft scent of Kasturi flower will make your hair fragrant throughout the day.

With three goodness in one Rejoice product, you can overcome hair issues from wearing the hijab. Not only treating hair fall, but also making your hair healthier, dandruff free and naturally shiny. The combination of Rejoice shampoo and conditioner can produce hair strands that is stronger, smoother, softer, fragrant and easy to style.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.